Exercise Physiologist

Physiologist deals with restoring and maintaining functional movement, reducing pain and promoting health in individuals.

As physiologists, we treat a wide array of conditions including:

  • Spinal pain and injuries (e.g. disc prolapse)
  • Treating musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Rehabilitation following sports injuries.
  • Muscular re-education in the case of neurological conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy.
  • Gait retraining.
  • Training in the use of mobility aids such as wheelchairs,
    walkers, crutches, canes.
  • Working with clients of all ages – from newborn babies to
    geriatric patients – to correct movement disorders.
  • Advising and training parents and caregivers to care for the
    disabled child or family member.
  • Ergonomic restructuring if the design of your home or
    workplace is causing you neck or back pain.
  • Rehabilitation after fractures, surgery or car accidents
  • Fitness training for those interested in improving overall fitness.
  • Cardiothoracic treatment for heart and lung disorders
  • Headaches

Physiologists are extensively trained in manual therapy which means we are “hands on” with our patients. This may include massage and joint mobilization and no offensive manipulation, as well as muscle stretching which we achieve using a wide variety of techniques. To complement our manual skills, we use different modalities to reduce pain and inflammation including:

Spinal Decompression and Laser Treatment.

If you have any of the injuries or conditions listed above, a consultation with a physiologist is a step in the right direction!